NeoFi x Plena Finance: Now buy crypto with zero knowledge and just 1 tap!

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We are thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership between NeoFi, a pioneer in crypto-investment solutions, and Plena Finance, an innovative self-custodial wallet that simplifies blockchain interaction with its advanced Plena Connect integration.

This new partnership showcases the commitment of both platforms to simplify user experience in the blockchain and crypto-investment space. Plena Finance’s Plena Connect, will make NeoFi even more user-friendly. This collaboration will make the NeoFi dApp easy to use and attract more users to NeoFi and other decentralized technologies in the longer run.

The Power of Plena Connect for dApp Adoption on NeoFi

Plena Connect offers a user-friendly solution for projects utilizing decentralized applications (dApps). It provides a hassle-free experience for users with little or no knowledge of Web3 or blockchain, bridging the gap between mass adoption and the decentralized digital world.

Through direct integration with NeoFi, Plena Connect will offer several advantages:

  • Seamless Transactions: Users can perform all actions in just one tap, simplifying the investment process.
  • Flexible Transaction Fees: Users can pay fees in any token, including those offered by NeoFi baskets, increasing their utility and value.
  • Quick and Easy Integration: NeoFi can rapidly implement Plena Connect, with integrations completed in less than an hour.
  • Resource Allocation: Projects like NeoFi receive up to $5,000 in grants and up to $10,000 in marketing activity.
  • Increased Conversion and Retention Rates: Improved user experience results in higher user satisfaction and long-term engagement.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Plena Connect enjoys the trust of several established partners, such as Consensys, Fantom, BSC, Polygon, Shardeum, and Multichain.

Plena Finance’s Token Listing on NeoFi

Once Plena Finance’s token goes live, it will be listed on the NeoFi platform. This development allows users to invest in Plena Finance’s token through NeoFi baskets, further promoting the adoption and utility of both platforms. This partnership paves the way for new users to engage with blockchain technology and enjoy a simplified investment experience.

Transforming the crypto investment landscape together

By joining forces, NeoFi and Plena Finance aim to facilitate the adoption of dApps and simplify the crypto-investment process. NeoFi, with its intuitive basket-based investment solution, empowers users of all levels to diversify their portfolios and effectively manage their risk. Meanwhile, Plena Finance’s Plena Connect makes blockchain interaction accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical background.

Together, this partnership moves us closer to the goal of bringing the next billion users to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments from NeoFi and Plena Finance as we continue to expand and revolutionize the digital finance landscape.

About Plena Finance

Plena Finance is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to self-custodial wallets, having celebrated two years of market-leading performance. Setting itself apart from competitors, Plena Finance utilizes EIP-4337: Account Abstraction technology. With its user-centric approach, the wallet delivers a centralized application-like experience, allowing convenient access to any DApp without a prior knowledge of blockchain technology.

Plena Smart Wallet is vastly improving the Web3 user experience and offers an array of exclusive functions including

  • hassle-free seedless social login
  • multichain support
  • single tap solutions
  • cross-chain compatibility
  • ability to buy crypto with just $1

The wallet’s innovative solutions allow users to perform complex actions like liquidity provision with just one tap.

To know more about Plena Finance, visit:

About NeoFi

NeoFI is a crypto-investment solution designed to automatically help every scale investor diversify their investment portfolio and risks. NeoFi relies on NeoFi baskets to help investors invest in their preferred niche with a single click.

NeoFI is working to onboard the next billion users to the cryptocurrency space. The project believes that its efforts will revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies and level the playing field in the market by offering more tools to retail investors in the market.

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