NeoFi Tokenomics

As we get closer to the long-awaited public sale of the $NEOFI token, we present to our community the tokenomics that form the fundamental base on which NEOFI is built. With our tokenomics, we intend to create a new model that works with what the project wants to achieve. Through our robust fundamentals and guiding principles, we want our community to understand the principles, philosophies behind the project, and its underpinning processes.

NeoFi is a crypto-investment solution that helps users build a diversified long-term portfolio of digital assets in a single click. NeoFi has designed a robust tokenomics model for its native $NEOFI token that ensures maximum ROI for investors using a deflationary mechanism.

The $NEOFI Token

$NEOFI is the native Token of the NeoFi ecosystem with a deflationary mechanism in which the overall supply of $NEOFI is reduced every quarter through quarterly burns. Moreover, users can earn an additional 10–20% interest on staked assets when holding $NEOFI tokens and save 35% of fees when swapping and paying using $NEOFI tokens.

Token Details:

  • Token Name: NeoFi Token
  • Token Ticker: $NEOFI
  • Total Supply: 350 Million
  • Total Raise: $2,425,000
  • Total Raise Tokens: 74,079,365
  • % of Tokens in Raise: 21.17
  • Initial Circulating Market Cap (Investor): $368,382

The token distribution of the $NEOFI token is as follows:

  • Seed: 6.86%
  • Private: 12.24%
  • IDO: 2.06%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Ecosystem Dev; 15%
  • Reserve: 12.75%
  • Protocol Rewards: 20%
  • Community: 4.78%
  • Exchange & MM: 1.3%
  • Team: 12.5%
  • Advisor: 2.5%

Other Details:

Vesting Schedule


Seed: 5% TGE, cliff of 3 months, linear unlock from 4–12 months

Private: 10% TGE, cliff of 3 months, linear unlock from 4–12 months

Public: 34% unlock at TGE, linear unlock from 2–3 months

  • Marketing: 10% Vesting, 0.%7 at TGE, linear unlock from 1–24 months
  • Ecosystem Development: 15% Vesting, 0% at TGE, linear unlock from 1–24 months
  • Reserve: 12.75% Vesting, 0% at TGE, linear unlock from 1–24 months
  • Protocol Rewards: 20% Vesting, 0% at TGE, linear unlock from 1–18 months
  • Community:4.78% Vesting, 0% at TGE, linear unlock from 1–18 months
  • Exchange & MM: 1.3% Vesting, 100% at TGE,
  • Team: 12.5% Vesting, 0% at TGE, linear unlock from 7–24 months
  • Advisors: 2.5% Vesting, 0% at TGE, linear unlock from 5–25 months

About NeoFi

NeoFI is a crypto-investment solution designed to automatically help every scale investor diversify their investment portfolio and risks. NeoFi relies on NeoFi baskets to help investors invest in their preferred niche with a single click.

  • An idea such as Exchange Tokens, Launchpad Tokens, Blue-Chip Cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • A market theme like GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, etc.
  • An algorithmic or research-based strategy
  • Or mimicking portfolios of fund managers, Experts, VCs, etc.

NeoFI is working to onboard the next billion users to the cryptocurrency space. The project believes that its efforts will revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies and level the playing field in the market by offering more tools to retail investors in the market. Learn more about the project at




Crypto Investments done right

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Crypto Investments done right

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