NeoFi X Blind Boxes — What’s In The Store For You?

2 min readJun 13, 2023

$BLES Listing on NeoFi

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the leading NFT Marketplace, Blind Boxes. Blind Boxes is an innovative and the first gamified marketplace curating NFTs. The project has grown since its inception to become a top decentralized launchpad for Web3 projects across several categories.

The strategic partnership between NeoFi and Blind Boxes is designed to benefit communities of both platforms. We will be listing $BLES, the native token of Blind Boxes on NeoFi exchange and baskets. At the same time, Blind Boxes will integrate NeoFi’s innovative fiat on-ramp gateway into the marketplace. This fiat on-ramp gateway will allow the large community of Blind Boxes to directly purchase the $BLES tokens, NFTs and other digital collectables using fiat currencies.

This collaboration between Blind Boxes and NeoFi will also help Blind Boxes’s users to enjoy access to our comprehensive ecosystem by letting them explore our ecosystem. Moreover, our community will be able to directly purchase $BLES tokens using INR.

About NeoFi

NeoFi is a crypto-investment solution that is designed to help investors automatically diversify their investment portfolios and risks. The project relies on NeoFi baskets that include a diverse portfolio of tokens based on a specific category or theme, to help investors direct in their preferred niche of tokens easily.

NeoFi aims to onboard the next billion users to the cryptocurrency space and believes that the unified efforts will help revolutionize the decentralized financial world and level the playing field for all-scale investors. To learn more about NeoFi, visit:

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About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified marketplace and launchpad for Web3 projects that offer a unique platform for brands, artists, influencers and collectors to invest and integrated with hyped NFT collections. It is a multi-chain ecosystem that helps investors connect with disruptive NFT projects across different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

To learn more about Blind Boxes, visit:

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