Magnus Capital as a Strategic Partner and Investor of NeoFi

A project’s growth largely depends upon its partners, investors, and community. Luckily NeoFi has developed several exciting partnerships, bagged top investors, and has an engaging community that believes in the potential of the project.

To that extent, NeoFi is thrilled to introduce its strategic partner and investor, Magnus Capital. Magnus Capital is a veteran investment firm that has helped several projects and will help NeoFi gain momentum and reach its true potential.

Magnus Capital has been investing in digital assets, and crypto projects since 2017 and strongly believe that digital assets and DeFi apps will pave the way for digital economies of the future. The project has helped several DeFi, blockchain, and crypto projects over time and its portfolio include names such as LavaX, MahaDAO, Crypto Prophecies, Origin Protocol, XIO Network, BLOKTOPIA, DinoX, and more.

Moreover, Magnus Capital offers expert advising services using its extensive experience and network that NeoFi will utilize to grow at a quick pace to become the go-to solution for multi-chain portfolio management. They also advise Sandwich Network, a user-friendly decentralized launchpad on BSC.

About Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital is a veteran and expert investment firm that supports and builds up-and-coming crypto, DeFi, and blockchain projects. The company invests and works with the brightest developers and founders that pave the way for new and exciting financial products. Currently, Magnus Capital is focusing on early-stage projects that offer scalable solutions in the DeFi ecosystem.

To learn more about Magnus Capital, visit

About NeoFi

NeoFI is a crypto-investment solution designed to help every scale investor diversify their investment portfolio and risks automatically. NeoFi relies on NeoFi baskets to help investors invest in their preferred niche with a single click.

NeoFI is working to onboard the next billion users to the cryptocurrency space. The project believes that their efforts will not only revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies but also level the playing field in the market by offering more tools to retail investors in the market. Learn more about the project at,

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