Introducing NeoFi — Cryptocurrency Investments Done Right

Cryptocurrency investment isn’t everyone’s ball game. While it’s quick and easy for people to invest in cryptocurrencies these days, the truth is that new investors mostly end up losing money. As crypto markets are fast-paced and regulations haven’t been able to keep up with the markets, there have been a lot of drownings in the market.

There is an inherent need in the market for a safe investment strategy in cryptocurrencies, especially in the newer ones that have a potential for high returns. A strategy that diversifies a user’s portfolio so that it minimizes market risks.

This is where NeoFi comes in as it aims to introduce a new generation of investors to the ever-changing cryptocurrency markets by making it very easy for investors to keep up with them. NeoFi has introduced a disruptive concept of NeoFi Baskets for investors.

NeoFi Baskets

NeoFi Baskets are intelligently weighted portfolios of cryptocurrency that reflect a theme, idea, or strategy. NeoFi baskets are centered around:

  • An idea such as Exchange Tokens, Launchpad Tokens, Blue-Chip Cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • A market theme like GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, etc.
  • An algorithmic or research-based strategy
  • Or mimicking portfolios of fund managers, Experts, VCs, etc.

Through this approach, NeoFi allows retail investors to build a diversified portfolio in a single click. NeoFi Baskets stands somewhere between index/mutual funds and Robo-advisors.

How Do NeoFi Baskets Work?

NeoFi is being built from the ground up to make it easy for cryptocurrency newcomers to invest in high-growth projects in a safe, smart, and diversified manner.

NeoFi archives this by aggregating multiple centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges across multiple blockchains to give users a single unified dashboard for the user to invest from. Moreover, as NeoFi is a cross-chain platform, it automatically supports a huge variety of tokens.

NeoFi eliminates the complexities of creating multiple exchange accounts, as well as working with multiple blockchains for new cryptocurrency investors. Here’s a quick example of how NeoFi makes it easier for everyone to invest.

  • Alice is a new cryptocurrency investor who recently entered the markets
  • Upon researching, Alice comes across the concept of the Metaverse.
  • Alice liked the idea of Metaverse and wanted to invest in such projects. But there are multiple Metaverse based projects, across multiple chains:

However, as Alice is new to the crypto world, several questions arise, such as:

  1. Which one shall Alice invest in?
  2. On what chain?
  3. Is the Metaverse Token that Alice is investing in is legit?
  4. From where(Which Exchange or DEX) can Alice invest in that Metaverse?
  5. How can Alice find new and exciting Metaverse projects?

NeoFi is the answer to all the questions, as:

  • Instead of investing in the Metaverse individually, Alice decides to use NeoFi and invest in the Metaverse basket — which tracks the popular Metaverse projects across multiple blockchains.
  • Through a single click, Alice gains exposure to the tokens of all the good Metaverse projects in the industry. But most importantly, Alice’s investment is diversified, and her investment is protected from any black swan events.
Example of NeoFi Metaverse Basket

What’s Different About NeoFi?

The key difference between NeoFi and portfolio management services is that NeoFi is a custodial service while current basket based products are non-custodial. This is a major difference as it changes the entire business strategy.

The non-custodial nature of the current portfolio management services makes them dependent on an underlying exchange.

NeoFi, on the other hand, is custodial by nature. This custodial service gives NeoFi greater flexibility in supporting several tokens of new projects while keeping up with the industry. Moreover, the custodial nature of NeoFi eliminates extra steps required to get started and makes it simpler for everyone to use NeoFi, especially the non-crypto currency investors.

Baskets In Action

Neofi Launchpad Tokens Basket Page

$NEOFI Token — The Heart Of NeoFi Ecosystem

$NEOFI is the native token of NeoFi, whose holders have access to platform discounts, platform governance, high yield staking and access to opportunities in the NeoFi ecosystem. $NEOFI is a deflationary token, and a part of the fee paid in $NEOFI is automatically burned.

About NeoFi

NeoFI is a crypto-investment solution designed to help every scale investor diversify their investment portfolio and risks automatically. NeoFi relies on NeoFi baskets to help investors invest in their preferred niche with a single click.

NeoFI is working to onboard the next billion users to the cryptocurrency space. The project believes that their efforts will not only revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies but also level the playing field in the market by offering more tools to retail investors in the market. Learn more about the project at,

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium




Crypto Investments done right

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Crypto Investments done right

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