Introducing NeoFi — Cryptocurrency Investments Done Right

NeoFi Baskets

  • An idea such as Exchange Tokens, Launchpad Tokens, Blue-Chip Cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • A market theme like GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, etc.
  • An algorithmic or research-based strategy
  • Or mimicking portfolios of fund managers, Experts, VCs, etc.

How Do NeoFi Baskets Work?

  • Alice is a new cryptocurrency investor who recently entered the markets
  • Upon researching, Alice comes across the concept of the Metaverse.
  • Alice liked the idea of Metaverse and wanted to invest in such projects. But there are multiple Metaverse based projects, across multiple chains:
  1. Which one shall Alice invest in?
  2. On what chain?
  3. Is the Metaverse Token that Alice is investing in is legit?
  4. From where(Which Exchange or DEX) can Alice invest in that Metaverse?
  5. How can Alice find new and exciting Metaverse projects?
  • Instead of investing in the Metaverse individually, Alice decides to use NeoFi and invest in the Metaverse basket — which tracks the popular Metaverse projects across multiple blockchains.
  • Through a single click, Alice gains exposure to the tokens of all the good Metaverse projects in the industry. But most importantly, Alice’s investment is diversified, and her investment is protected from any black swan events.
Example of NeoFi Metaverse Baskets
Example of NeoFi Metaverse Basket

What’s Different About NeoFi?

Baskets In Action

Neofi Launchpad Tokens Basket Page

$NEOFI Token — The Heart Of NeoFi Ecosystem

About NeoFi



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